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For those who are embarking on creating such capabilities in-house, we offer our own first-hand experience with selecting the best candidates, methods, and strategic partnership-building approaches.
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Jim Sullivan
Jim SullivanTechnology Assimilator
Proven success driving groundbreaking technological advancement within the U.S. Intelligence Community through scientific research and scalable design. Track record of delivering: - Imagery Science and Geo-spatial Collaborative Applications. - Innovative solutions through the US Governments’ only successful Strategic Investment Activity, In-Q-Tel. - Advanced applications in various topic areas ranging from gaming and gamification; Financial Intelligence; and Social Media. - Focused studies and databases related to various Climate Change topics relating to National Security.
Carol Dumaine
Carol DumaineGlobal Systems and Strategic Analysis
Carol Dumaine is a veteran international security analyst and manager whose experience with creating and leading strategic change initiatives helped her gain insights into emerging global risks and the need for updated responses. Her work has been recognized internationally and by the U.S. Partnership for Public Service. Today her focus is on devising effective approaches to complex global challenges.
Warren Fishbein
Warren FishbeinSense-making and Collaborative Problem Solving
Warren formerly served in the US national security community where he led a multilateral partnership focused on improving strategic foresight for transnational threats through engagement with global expertise. He is a specialist on improving organizational “sense-making” processes and applying critical thinking to national and global security issues. He is also an experienced designer of face-to-face and online forums for collaborative learning and problem solving.
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